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Thank you for stopping by! Down below is some information about me as well as my CV. Please feel free to contact me :)

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Artist Statement

I am a concept artist who creates and designs characters and fictional worlds to be brought to life in cartoons. I use traditional academic techniques/media and the new digital media. Character designs and world building are second nature to me. Since I was a child, I loved how artists were able to bring these 2D beings to life and wanted to do the same.


From a young age I made original characters and tried to give them interesting back stories. I draw inspiration from things I’ve seen, experienced, or enjoy. The littlest things can sprout an idea in my head. I sit down, sketch ideas, and once I have a face created, a full back story is usually planned in my head at that point. I implement different elements depending on my character’s personalities, environments, backstories, and influences. With all these components coming together, good characters and interesting stories to tell are formed.


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